Friday, October 28, 2011

Airplane food and Sour apples

I like apples cooked, soft, sweet, and aromatic.  Apples are of course also wonderful when they are fresh, crisp, juicy and sour.  Depends on your preferences and mood.
One time last year I tried cooking an apple, all by itself.  Not into a cake or pie or into muffins or oatmeal.  Just an apple, on a griddle.  Then I served it on a grilled cheese sandwich.  It was a big hit with my husband, who loves apples, almost more than any other food.

I've seen apple pie recipes with cheddar cheese over the top.  Kids eat apples and cheese together for snacks. So why not make a sandwich out of it?
Tonight I'll be on a airplane and I wanted to bring a snack that would travel well, wouldn't need heating or refrigeration and wouldn't be too smelly (like tuna). Also must be kid friendly.  So I'm making apple cheddar grilled sandwiches.  It's going to be so yummy!


  1. what is your method for the grilled cheese sandwich? You just stick the apple slices in with the cheese?

  2. I actually grilled the apples first on both sides, then added them to the sandwich second, that way they were softened up quite a bit.