Monday, November 7, 2011

Fried Plantains

The most gigantic banana I'd ever seen:

It's a Mexican Plantain!

I recently spent 8 days in Acapulco.  My parents invited us to their condo time share and my mom asked me if I would do most of the cooking and help her with meal planning.  With 4 adults and one toddler, it just made sense to eat in, rather than eat out for every meal.  I had fun trying out my Spanish in the grocery store, when trying to find certain ingredients.  When I asked for "taco seasoning" they had to get 3 employees before someone understood me well enough and pointed something out to me.  I bought it without looking at the ingredients and cooked with it, before realizing it was soy sauce!  

We were busy swimming, body surfing, walking, and playing, so we were very hungry for our meals.  The most fun thing I cooked was a plantain.  It's a giant banana.  I picked out the biggest one I could find.  It looked as if two plantains had joined like Siamese twins, at the center and grown together.  (see photos above).

I sliced the plantain and started some butter melting in a flat fry pan on medium.  I placed the plantains in the butter and allowed them to cook for 10 minutes before flipping.  Then allowed another 10 minutes for the second side.  If you rush them, it would not be as creamy and sweet.  The end result was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.  We served it as a side dish with dinner and then I made it again for breakfast.

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