Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eat a Rainbow!

They say we should eat a rainbow.  So last night I made a colorful dinner.
I put a frozen salmon filet into a baking dish, along with one yam, sliced up and some frozen sugar snap peas, left over from the summer harvest.  I sliced one whole lemon and drizzled the juice over everything and threw in the chunks.  I peeled and added 5 garlic cloves.  I drizzled olive oil over the vegetables and added some lemon pepper.  Baked the whole thing for 30 minutes at 375, covered with foil.
This was a risotto package from the store that I found on half price clearance.  I added a cup of cherry tomatoes from the garden, the last of the crop.  Cooked it on the stove for 30 minutes.

My 19 month old ate everything!  It was a yummy dinner, with no added salt, no wheat or gluten, no dairy.  I am trying to cook more whole foods, clean foods.  In addition, my son has been very sick and I'm attempting to use natural remedies to heal him, so this meal was fun of lemon and garlic, both of which are good for killing bacteria and boosting your immune system.  
The trick for cooking it altogether in one dish and getting it all done at the same time, was the fact that the fish was frozen and the yam was sliced thin.  Otherwise the fish would have been dry and the yam hard after 30 minutes.  
"They" also say we Americans are eating on too large of plates, so I'm beginning to serve meals on my salad plates, as you can see in this picture.  It was plenty of food and fit just fine on the plate.  

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  1. sounds good! I too need to cook cleaner. would love to know what you do for snacks. We too are gfcfsf but there are certaily plenty of unclean carby foods we can eat. thanks, tracy